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Officine Ortiga

Services of bending of steel sheets exterior facade cladding  light carpentry  pressing of aluminum sheets metal cutting and engraving certified industrial welding  panel assembly  tinsmithing for construction 

Facade cladding and light carpentry

We perform facade cladding, light carpentry, engraving, cutting and certified welding work on various types of metal.

Ortiga Ortiga since 1973

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For fifty years, we have been a reference point for curtain wall cladding, light carpentry, tinsmithing and thermal insulation panels in northern Italy.

Learn about our history, the technologies we use, and our mission in working professionally on all types of metal.

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Officine Ortiga offers a wide range of sheet metal fabrication services of various types of metal, each performed with state-of-the-art machines and trained, knowledgeable staff.

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