Tinsmithery production

Sheet metal bending and calendering

Thanks to our company’s decades of experience, Officine Ortiga is now able to offer top-of-the-range civil and industrial metalwork production on behalf of third parties.

Our services include the bending and rolling of drainpipes, flashings and gutters, corrugated sheet metal in galvanized zinc, pre-coated steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and alloys such as titanium zinc and COR-TEN steel..

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We work for both professional tinsmiths and for private customers: our qualified staff is the ideal partner for companies and people looking for knowledge, consultancy and assistance in metal machining. 

We also have a large warehouse stocked with a wide range of tinsmith tools.

Our facilities

For bending and calendering

We have 2 cutting lines.

Sheet metal bending

with automatic machine

Automatic double folder bending machine with automatic sheet loading. Bending of sheets with a maximum width of 1250 and length of 6400.

Max. thickness:

Ideal for profiles with complex geometries, fast execution, precision working.

Officine Ortiga is the ideal partner for the sheet metal work you need