Laser Cutting

Laser processing

We perform laser cutting, engraving and marking on stainless steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminium and titanium and COR-TEN steel. Thanks to the use of CAD programmes, our modern plants perform perfect cutting with sharp and absolutely clean edges.

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lavorazioni di taglio al laser - officine ortiga
taglio laser - intaglio e incisione su metallo - officine ortiga

Perfect finishes

Accuracy to the tenth of a millimeter

The finishing level obtained, also on pieces with highly complex geometries, allows us to achieve dimensional tolerances of around one tenth of a millimetre.

Thanks to the technology of the plants and the know-how of the personnel working in the Lean Production system, we have achieved an extremely high level of both quality and production.

The automated processes of the sector adopt Industry 4.0 and operate in a continuous cycle around-the-clock to allow rapid fulfilment of the orders.