INFORMATION TO CUSTOMERS ON THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA Art. 13 Legislative Decree. June 30, 2003 No. 196 and Art.13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR

This information is provided to customers natural persons and individuals acting on behalf of customers legal persons, of the company OFFICINE ORTIGA SRL pursuant to Art. 13 LD. n.196/2003 and art.13 GDPR 679/2016 – “European Data Protection Regulation” (hereinafter also “GDPR”).

1. Identity of the Holder and Contacts

The Data Controller of the data of customers natural persons, or of natural persons acting on behalf of customers legal persons (hereinafter also “Interested Party”), is the company OFFICINE ORTIGA SRL, with registered office in San DonĂ  di Piave (VE), Via Trezza n.25, C.F. and P. IVA 00321530271

2. Object of processing

The personal data processed are those provided by the Data Subject in connection with:

3. Purpose of processing.

Personal data of natural person customers, if provided, are processed by the Data Controller for:

In addition, they are processed by the Data Controller and the Tax Consultant for:

Personal data of individuals acting on behalf of and for clients legal persons, if provided, are processed by the Data Controller for:

4. Method of treatment.

All processing, whether automatic or manual, carried out by the Controller complies with the regulations contained in the GDPR and the principles enunciated therein and set out below:
Lawfulness: OFFICINE ORTIGA SRL will process the personal data of which it is the Holder in compliance with the rights of each data subject and within the limits of his or her consent, as well as with the provisions of this information notice and of the contracts even- tually stipulated;
Minimization: the Owner will use as little personal data as possible, i.e., only those that will be necessary for the processing and purposes described.
Security: The Owner guarantees the application of security measures suitable for the protection of the data collected and processed and that of the fundamental freedoms of the Data Subjects.
Correctness: The Data Controller shall provide the appropriate means for the Data Subjects to verify the truthfulness and up-to-dateness of their personal data and, if necessary, to modify them.
Transparency: the Data Controller takes appropriate measures to provide the Data Subject with all information about the processing and facilitates the exercise of his/her rights.
Limitation: the Data Controller collects data for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes, as set forth above, and thereafter retains the data for a period of time not exceeding the fulfillment of those purposes.
Accuracy: The Controller shall take all reasonable steps to update, delete, or rectify in a timely manner data that are inaccurate with respect to the purposes for which they are processed.
Integrity and Confidentiality: the Data Controller adopts the best management techniques for the best use of the Data through the Site, including protection from unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage.

Personal Data will only be kept for the period necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and then processed, and in any case for no longer than 10 years after the termination of the business relationship and no longer than two years after the collection of data for marketing purposes. After that period such data will be deleted.

5. Recipients of the data

The personal data processed by the Owner will not be disseminated, but may be communicated to workers employed by the Owner and to some external parties that collaborate with them. They may also be disclosed, to the extent strictly necessary, to parties who, for purposes of order fulfillment or other requests or performance of services related to the transaction or contractual relationship with the Owner, must provide goods and/or perform on behalf of the Owner performance or services. Finally, they may be communicated to the subjects entitled to access them by virtue of provisions of the law, regulations, and EU regulations.
In particular, based on their roles and job duties, some workers have been legitimized to process personal data, within the limits of their competencies and in accordance with the instructions given to them by the Controller, in full compliance with the GDPR.

6. Transfer of data

The Data Controller does not transfer personal data to third countries or international organizations. However, it reserves the right to use cloud services; in which case, service providers will be selected from among those who provide adequate guarantees, as stipulated in Art. 46 GDPR. Personal data collected by OFFICINE ORTIGA SRL are stored on servers.

7. Retention of data

The Data Controller stores and processes personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the stated purposes. Thereafter, personal data will be retained, and not further processed, for the time stipulated by current civil and tax regulations.

8. Refusal to provide data

Customers who are natural persons may not refuse to provide the Holder with personal data necessary to comply with legal regulations governing business transactions and taxation.
Providing additional personal data may be necessary to improve the quality and efficiency of the transaction.
Therefore, refusal to provide the data required by law will prevent the fulfillment of orders; while the provision of additional data may affect in whole or in part the fulfillment of other requests and the quality and efficiency of the transaction itself.
Persons acting on behalf of and for clients who are legal persons may refuse to give the Controller their personal data.
However, the provision of personal data is necessary for the proper and efficient management of the contractual relationship. Therefore, any refusal to provide it could jeopardize all or part of the contractual relationship itself. On the other hand, the provision of personal data for marketing activities is optional and, therefore, the Data Subject is free to provide or not provide his or her explicit and separate consent. If the Data Subject does not agree to the processing for marketing purposes, OFFICINE ORTIGA SRL will not be able to send advertising material or simple communications related to the services offered by it.

9. Automated decision-making processes

The Controller does not carry out processing that consists of automated decision-making on the data of customers for sone natural persons, or natural persons acting on behalf of customers or suppliers legal persons.

10. Rights of the Interested Party

The data subject has the right to exercise all the rights provided by the GDPR, particularly in Art. 9: right to complain, 15: right of access, 16: right to rectification, 17: right to erasure/oblivion, 18: right to restriction of processing, 20: right to portability, 21: right to object. The Data Subject may exercise these rights by writing to the Data Controller at the above address, or by email, specifying the subject of his/her request, the right he/she intends to exercise, and attaching a photocopy of an identity document attesting to the legitimacy of the request.

11. Withdrawal of consent

With reference to Art. 6 of the GDPR the Data Subject may revoke any consent given at any time.
However, the processing that is the subject of this notice is lawful and permitted, even in the absence of consent, insofar as it is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a party (the service provision relationship) or the fulfillment of his or her requests.

12. Proposition of complaint

The Data Subject has the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority of the state of residence.

13. Ways of exercising rights – contacts

To exercise one or more of the rights listed above, where not exercisable through the Site, the Interested Party should send a specific request to the e-mail address: