50 years of history

1973 - 1973

Established in 1973 as a craft workshop in San Donà di Piave in the district of Venice, OFFICINE ORTIGA  is now one of the most highly qualified companies in North Italy in the tinsmithery, light metalwork and curtain walls sector and in the construction of thermal envelopes

The company, with three generations behind it, has grown constantly over the years and quickly achieved an extremely high level of quality and reliability, becoming a reference point for the leading operators in the sector.

storia delle officine ortiga - dal 1973
Lattonieri a Venezia dal 1973 - Team ortiga - tradizione artigiana

Craft tradition

serving the customer

Customer service is all-around. Complete customer care. From design to production, the Ortiga Team works professionally and knowledgeably to meet all the customer’s needs. The craft tradition, handed down from generation to generation, allows interaction with the customer, offering qualified support in all the design stages.

Innovative products

and aesthetically perfect

Over the years, tinsmiths have broadened their knowledge of roofs, dealing with all the aspects of the product.

In recent years, the company has recorded a growth in the metal roof and façade cladding market and for this reason it has earmarked significant investments for this sector, purchasing machines able to produce innovative and aesthetically perfect products.

Whether it is a simple or architectural product, in a standard or customised colour, Officine Ortiga can design a suitable system for every project.